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The Bolivian Death Road – Mountain Biking Dream Half way down the Bolivian Death Road, a mountain bikers dream…

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Electronic visas for India – Buy Indian visas online with iVisa’s expedited visa service.
The Leap – Gap Adventure Planners – a gap year company with a difference. Lots of different types of programmes in different countries, there’s bound to be something to please everyone.
Interesting Blogs:
Abandon the Cube – Ever thought of Abandoning your cubical to travel around the world? We are two travelers who did just that. Join us as we travel, mostly by ground transport and sea, across the globe at Abandon the Cube.
Around The World in 80 Jobs – Travelling the world, one job at a time!
Backpacking Travel Blog – Follow Samuel and Audrey as they head off on an around the world adventure.  A very personal site with a lot of travel tales and quirky adventures – Features some excellent travel photography, especially of Central America.
Beachcomber Pete – As you explore Beachcomber Pete you will find unbiased Travel information to far off and exotic places and indepth destination travel guides.
BeinginAwe – Travel blog of a travelling couple.
 – A blog by a travel writer called Adam.
Camels and Chocolate – Kristin Luna’s excellent travel blog based in San Francisco, USA. – Helps you find the adventurous side of you – the inspirational travel blog of Diana Edelman, a PR turned traveller, now residing in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Everything Everwhere A well maintained travel blog by Gary, following his journeys across the world. Travelling like tramps around the world for less than $25 per day – read about Agness’ adventures.
Famsterdam Life – Cool blog written by Fabio on his zestful lifestyle ideals!
Gap Force – interesting article on the benefits of volunteering abroad. Travel tips and inspiration from across the world. – a very indepth travel blog with good narrative into the worlds leading travel destinations, written by Dave Geerts from the Netherlands.
Globe-nomads – Capturing the world a frame at a time.
HikeBikeTravel – Outdoors lover, passionate hiker, biker & traveller.
Hole In The Donut World Travel – Travel writing and photography helping discover the world, one culture at a time. – Teaching you about some of the best places to travel– A blog about travelling the world with tips along the way.
Machu Picchu Travel – Portal for  promotion and tourism in Machu Picchu.  Travel services, city tours, history, adventure, nature, gastronomy, images and videos of Machu Picchu.
Nomadical Sabbatical –  Follow Peter on  his ongoing world trip!
Nomadic Samuel – Miles away from ordinary… dripping with sarcasm.  Great blog!
Our Oyster – Budget travel blog, covering destination guides, hiking and outdoor activities.
Romancing The Planet –  interesting stories and stunning photographs from around the world. – a site dedicated to rescuing and protecting the Asian elephant. – intriguing blog written by Swedish couple with a penchant for travelling.
Smiling Face Travel Photos – Put a smile on your face and share travel experiences at the same time
That Backpacker – Perfect example of living life to the full and taking pleasure out of people, places and the environment.
Top Backpacking Destinations – Quite a comprehensive travel blog about a range of destinations, featuring travel tips.
Travelling Blogger –  quirky and adventurous tales from around the world.
Travelling Round The World – Its been almost over a year now and Rory is still going strong…
Travelocafe – Eyewitness travel guides, travel news and tips for travelling on a shoestring budget.
Travel To Peru – delivers the highest quality vacation experiences to all our clients, creating fully customized tours to the most popular, exotic and exciting travel destinations in Peru and Bolivia.
Travel2Lisbon – A site dedicated to the fascinating captial of Portugal.
Travel World Heritage – Julio Moreno’s travel site, full of interesting travel insights. – Beautiful people, beautiful places.
Travelling With Me – a personal travel blog of Scot, a chap from Shropshire with a penchant for global travel.
Wandering Trader – Documenting the travels of the wanderingtrader.
Useful Information: Walking Holidays – a new start-up trekking company in the Spanish Pyrenees run by Mountain Guide Miguel Ibanez.
My Menorca Villa – A travel guide for travelling with children
Blogcatalog of Places and Geography a comprehensive collection of travel blogs.
Travel Directory a directory of travel blogs from adventure travel to working abroad.
International Coaches London – A coach hire company catering to both UK and International customers. Great for airport transfers. Travel Blog
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