Winning the lottery is probably a fantasy we all have. Just thinking about holding a winning ticket in our hands makes us imagine the endless possibilities that come with huge amounts of money. While winning odds might seem impossible to beat, for some lucky few the dream of winning the lottery actually comes true. Here are a few stories of those who chose to spend some of their fortune by travelling around the world.

Powerball winners go to New Zealand

The US Powerball, one of the biggest lotteries in the world, offers massive win amounts. The record jackpot for the US Powerball stands at $590.5 million, which was set on May 2013. On March of this year, a Missouri couple won the massive $96.5 million jackpot and went ahead to plan the vacation of their dreams. John and Susan Brands, two self-proclaimed nerds, decided to begin their new lives by fulfilling a long-life dream – traveling to New Zealand to take part in a “Lord of the Rings” / “The Hobbit” excursion, which included sight-seeing of the films’ locations.

UK National Lottery winner takes her family to Disney World

The UK National Lottery, founded in 1994, has been the first lottery in the UK and is well-known for its impressive jackpots and charity donations. Two 76-year-old Wiltshire residents can second that: the lucky ticket-holders won £1.4 million, which inspired them to do something nice for the entire family. The winning couple, John and Pauline Alford, decided to take their family of 22 members for a once-in-a-life time trip to Florida, including a visit to Disney World.

Disney, Florida
Disney, Florida

France Loto Winner visits Jerusalem to Easter

One of the oldest lotteries around, the France Loto holds one of the highest winning rates, as participants have a 1 in 16 chance of winning a cash prize. This was enough to motivate the Mother’s Day winner from Seine-et-Marne. The woman, who chose to remain anonymous, won an impressive prize of €11 million, which she used to travel the world, and especially to fulfill her dream of visiting Jerusalem for Easter.

EuroMillions winner tours the world with his brother and best pal

With an opportunity to win a guaranteed £1 million prize every draw for tickets sold in the UK, EuroMillions a pan-European lottery whose soaring prizes attract a lot of attention. Last year, a 27 year-old unskilled worker from Hereford was lucky enough to win his own £1 million prize. Matt Myles decided to quit his job and embark on a year-long world trip with his friends and brother, which included a visit to the World Cup in Brazil, Thailand, Bali and Hong Kong.
Where will your lottery winning prize take YOU? You’ll have to play to find out!