California is a gold mine of sites and adventures considered must-do’s when traveling to the West Coast. From the magnificent coastline and the mountain ranges to the desert region, California has unique sites that attract tourists by the millions each year. Here are three of the most spectacular sites to see in the golden state.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge
Image via Flickr by Kevin Cole
One of the most famous sites to visit is the Golden Gate Bridge. Spectacular, grand, and intriguing are great descriptives of this California expanse. Connecting traffic across San Francisco Bay, this 1.2-mile bridge hosts towers that loom more than 700 feet into the sky and dive more than 100 feet into the Bay. This bridge is an engineering feat.
Walkers, joggers, and bikers can cross the Golden Gate, but with the chilly winds and sometimes unpredictable weather it’s best to dress warmly. Visitors to this impressive bridge will enjoy the views from both on and off the structure. The Golden Gate Bridge is highlighted by the sunsets that gleam against the familiar hue that radiates a golden red glow.

General Sherman

Giant Redwoods California
Image via Flickr by Mathieu Thouvenin
According to Monumental Trees, the General Sherman tree may be the oldest living thing on the planet. You’ll be amazed at the site of this grand tree. Although it’s argued to not be as old as was once thought, there’s no disputing it’s rightful place as a must-see on any trip to California. Visitors will gain a new perspective of nature’s awesomeness when standing at the massive base of General Sherman.
Although most of this tree is deadwood, no one disputes the General Sherman as having the largest trunk volume of all standing trees. General Sherman has been crowned with the title of the biggest tree on the planet, standing more than 240 feet high with a circumference of more 100 feet at its base. Even though it’s not the tallest tree in the world, it’ll still amaze the senses.

Big Sur Coastline

Big Sur Coastline
Image via Flickr by Stuart Barr
Spanning the central coastline of California for 90 miles, the Big Sur coastline is eye candy for the road traveler. Though camping and hiking activities are enjoyed by many visitors, driving the highway is something that must be done first. Even if you’ve come to California by plane or train, grab a rental from Budget Rent a Car to experience this picturesque highway.
Big Sur is more than a tourist attraction. It’s poetry come alive with visuals that’ll bring tears to the most stoic of men. Breathtaking views aren’t lacking as you traverse through Redwood forests, cross the Bixby Bridge overlooking the deep blue Pacific, and gaze in awe at the massive cliffs that appear as if from nowhere.
California has a plethora of magnificent sites to see, but these are three of the most spectacular. Plan your next trip to include visits to these sites and bring home plenty of pictures for the scrapbook.
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