Australia is a fantastic country to visit and for most Europeans it can be an expensive journey. The flights are the epitome of long haul and also command a pretty penny, so if you go to visit this part of the world, it may be worth staying there for up to a month.


sydneyDespite being one of the more expensive cities in Australia, Sydney is a city which can’t be missed. It is renowned for its unbelievable architecture which is encapsulated in the Sydney Opera House which sits out in the water. With the harbour and the bridge also in proximity, Sydney delivers a truly awe inspiring landscape. Touring the downtown area is great to get an understanding of the cities culture and way of life but it is also worth visiting the Aquarium and the Taronga Zoo. Australia boasts a diverse range of wildlife and so much of it is on display at these two establishments.

The Great Barrier Reef

barrier reefIt is known as one of the seven wonders of the natural world and it is a place which words almost don’t do justice. The distinct range of marine wildlife on display is remarkable and more than 3000 reef systems and coral cays are present in this area. You will also reap the benefits of the white sandy beaches and beaming sunshine. One of the most interesting things about the Great Barrier Reef is the different islands which populate the region. There are a total of 600 islands and many of them have their own unique qualities. The Great Barrier Reef is a popular place for scuba divers and snorkelers and it is a recommended activity if you want to get an even closer look at the spectacular