Visiting San Diego

The USA is a vast country and one which would take you a long time to cover unless you had the funds to fly from destination to destination; but then you wouldn’t get to embrace the scenery or go down some classic road trip routes.  All of the American cities have their own charm and on a regional basis, their own climates and landscapes, so deciding where you want to go is largely going to come down your personal preference or the time of year you are travelling. The west coast is a popular road trip destination and San Diego is a great place to start.
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San Diego
Whilst becoming well known in the UK as the home of Ron Burgundy, the fictional news reporter character played by Will Ferrell, to others with a broader knowledge of California San Diego is one of the most beautiful west coast destinations around. Its climate is one of the best in the USA in terms of consistency, warm temperatures and minimal rainfall. If you are travelling with a family, San Diego is a destination which can deliver fun for the whole group.  Visiting Sea World is a must for anyone who is going to the city and one which will definitely keep the kids entertained. The outdoor shows are great fun but in the summer it can become swelteringly hot, so remember to take sun lotion, a hat and sunglasses. You can also visit the Wild Animal Safari Park and the San Diego Zoo, which are both popular destinations for tourists.  You will find the zoo in Balboa Park, which in itself has a wealth of activities to enjoy, and it actually houses a total of 25 museums and attractions.  Another popular family destination is LEGOLAND perfect for younger children to enjoy themselves, but older children may find the park a little tame in terms of exhilarating rides.
Visiting the beach is an obvious choice and it is a very popular surfing and water sports spot, so if you are someone who loves a challenge it may be worth trying your hand at something out of your comfort zone. La Jolla Cove is a must for anybody who wants to experience a truly breath-taking ocean sunset and it is also a popular choice for snorkelling and scuba diving.
San DiegoOutside the realms of the wildlife habitats and beaches, San Diego’s downtown scene exudes flair and character and the Gaslamp district is packed with bustling restaurants and bars. There is a strong Mexican/South American influence in San Diego, so it is worth enjoying the authentic Latino infused cuisine whilst you have the chance.
No city is complete without the opportunity to look down on all of its beauty, and whilst you won’t get as high up as the Rocafella, the national monument at Cabrillo does deliver the best view of San Diego. It was named after the Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo who landed on the shores of San Diego in 1542. It is worth checking the forecast before you set off on this out-of-town journey because the fog and clouds can hinder the view significantly
Walking on the beaches and through the downtown area is great, but for travelling to some other destinations, a car or another form of transport is advised. If you are planning to make San Diego just one of a number of stop-offs it is definitely worth investing in renting a car or using your own vehicle for the trip.
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