For a lot of us, our one and only experience with Las Vegas will be with the movie The Hangover. It painted the city in a raucous, rowdy light, but in reality, it’s far from it. Like any great city, if you want to party, you can, but there’s still plenty to do without resorting to alcohol.
The Las Vegas Strip
The Vegas Strip
So, whether you’re planning a stag do, family trip away or a couples holiday, make sure you consult this checklist. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, so make it a good one!

  • Make sure you have a little flutter!

Ask people what they most commonly associate with Las Vegas and they’ll say ‘gambling and casinos.’ Most likely anyway. It’s the feature of the city that has been most heavily documented, and there’s a reason for that. The iconic Caesars Palace is one of the most famous hotels and casinos in the world, and it has to be seen to be believed. Make sure you stay cool, keep a level head, and place a solid bet!
Of course, if you aren’t a gambler, then the palace deserves to be seen anyway – that way, you can brag about how you’ve been.

  • It’s home to some of the best acts in the world – be sure to check some out!

Anyone who’s anyone has performed in Las Vegas. David Copperfield. Penn and Teller. Bette Midler. The city is home to all kinds of musicians, shows, plays, magicians and acts. This could be your one chance to have the experience of a lifetime! Because of the prestigious nature of the city, many performers pull out all the stops and make Vegas their prime location. You could visit for all Vegas show tickets – remember, you only live once. Make your trip count!

  • Stay at a world-themed hotel

Las Vegas is home to all sorts of wacky, wonderful themed hotels, and you owe it to yourself to give one a shot.
There’s the Paris Las Vegas, which, as you guessed, involves the Eiffel Tower. There’s New York New York, which features the Statue of Liberty and Central Park, among others. You can literally explore the world all by traveling around one city, so you won’t have to go far to experience the best sights on the planet.
Yes, that is the Eiffel Tower…
Of course, you’ll obviously need somewhere to stay on your trip, and here are a lot of normal hotels too. Whether you use a source like or wander around aimlessly when you arrive, make sure you’re getting the best price.

  • Attend a museum that’s like nothing you’ve seen before

You might not think ‘museum’ when you think ‘Las Vegas’ but it contains a wide assortment of the attractions. In typical Vegas fashion, they’re offbeat too, and are probably one of a kind.
There’s the Atomic Testing Museum, which documents Nevada’s history as a nuclear testing ground. There’s also the Neon Museum on the Las Vegas Strip, which is home to ,
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