Going on your first ski trip can be fun and exciting. It can also be a little overwhelming when narrowing down what you need to bring with you. A little planning can make your first ski trip a memorable experience.

Skis would be useful!
Skis would be useful!

Getting all those last minute details out of the way before you leave gives you more time to enjoy whoosh down the slopes without worrying about what you forgot.

The Basics

No matter where you go to ski, there are certain basic you will need to bring along with you. Make sure all equipment and clothing you take is in clearly labeled bags and travel cases, even if going by car. This avoids confusion, especially if traveling as a group. Some of the basics you should bring with you include:
• Passports – If you are traveling out of the country to go skiing, make sure you have up-to-date passports.
• Photos for lift passes
• Travel documents, including airline tickets, car hire vouchers, airport parking vouchers, confirmation of hotel
or resort reservations.
• Insurance documents
• Currency (if traveling abroad)
• ID tags for luggage


Ski Chic - Looking the part!
Ski Chic – Looking the part!

Check your baggage allowance if you are traveling by plane or bus. Even if you are going by car, you may want to limit your luggage to avoid the hassle of keeping track of everything. Longtime exposure to cold weather can be dangerous. It is best to back in layers to prevent frostbite or hypothermia if you are exposed to the elements for a long period of time. Some of the clothing essentials you will need for your ski trip include:
• Heavy coat or ski jacket
• Hat, scarf, goggles and boots
• Thermal underwear
• Thick pants or jeans
• Sweaters or multiple shirts
• Sun cream and lip block
• Small backpack to carry equipment and emergency supplies
• Portable first-aid kit

Ski Equipment

If you are taking your own ski equipment, inform the airline to make sure it is stored properly. Call ahead to reserve ski equipment at local ski rental shops to ensure that you get all the equipment you need. If you rent when you get there, especially if you are going to a busy ski location, you may find a shortage of some equipment.

Practice Exercise

Get some exercise and squeeze in some practice skiing if you can. You do not need to have access to snow to practice. Some gyms have practice ski run exercises during peak ski season. Special exercises and equipment is designed to mimic similar conditions you are likely to encounter at the ski resort. Getting in shape before you go gives you more energy to enjoy the slopes. You also have a reduced risk of physical injuries, such as sprains and bruises, if you are in better shape. Get a checkup from your doctor before you leave to make sure there are no physical restrictions you need to know about.

Plan Ahead

Making some arrangements ahead of time, such as restaurant reservations and car rental arrangements, gives you more time to enjoy your ski getaway when you get there. If you plan to take ski lessons, sign up for classes ahead of time to make sure you get a spot.

Ski Goggles!
Ski Goggles!

Some of these classes tend to fill up quickly. If you there are nearby resorts or spas you want to visit, make reservations and purchase tickets before you get there. Destination spas and other little getaways near ski resorts are located there for a reason and can quickly get booked by the time you arrive for your ski vacation.

Don’t Forget…

Before you leave, make sure you cancel your newspapers, make arrangements for care of your pets and plants and leave emergency contact numbers with a trusted neighbor, friend or relative.
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