Kuala Lumpur is a thriving, metropolitan city that pulls in visitors from around the world on a truly stunning scale. It is currently the eighth most popular tourist destination, and it’s not difficult to see why.
There is a little something for everyone in this metropolis. If you like shopping and the finer things in life, the luxury districts offer all you could want. If you prefer things a little more authentic, off the beaten track options include family-run businesses out of the main centre.
As with so many things, where you stay depends on the kind of person that you are. Ask yourself what you want from your time in the capital of Malaysia and what you’re comfortable with. Do you want something more well-known, or do you prefer to find the hidden gems others might be less aware of? What’s more important; cultural enrichment or being close to amenities?
With a firmer idea in mind, one of the options below should appeal.
You Want: Central Location and Bustling Nightlife

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The KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center) is the most central of locations, obviously! It plays host to some of the most recognizable landmarks, such as the Petronas Towers. Here you will find fine-dining, shopping and a sophisticated nightlife scene. There is less of the “authentic” Malaysian culture; this is more western-style travel.
You can easily find a popular hotel in Kuala Lumpur in this region, which will have the added benefit of being close to the underground rail system. If transport is an essential for you, keep this in mind.
You Want: Something Cheap, with Plenty of Culture
china town in Kuala Lumpur
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The Petaling Street region is better known as “Chinatown“. Unlike the KLCC, it’s far more friendly to wallets and is a perfect destination if you’re looking to backpack. What it lacks in high-end luxury, it makes up for in religious and cultural history. Here you will find plenty of Buddhist temples to wander around and small food stalls selling local delicacies.
You Want: Shopping and Somewhere To Relax
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Further out of the main city, Bangsar (also known as the Mid Valley) is a good option if you want something a little more laidback. Though it is a distance away from the main sites, it has a decent transportation system.
It’s with retail therapy that this venue comes into its own, however. There are plenty of local stores to wander in and out of, all sporting their own unique offerings. If you prefer something a little more established, then the Bangsar Shopping Centre has something that will work for all.
You Want: A Little Bit of Everything
Bangsar shopping centre KL
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If you’re looking to try and fit a little bit of everything into your experience, then the central Bukit Bintang should be your destination. This region is right in the heart of the city, so transport options are not an issue. There is plenty of shopping available, in both local produce and more recognizable name brands. It also houses a fantastic range of nightlife, from bistros to nightclubs.
Wherever you choose, there is no doubt that Kuala Lumpur is a wonderful destination. The city has so much to offer, so why wait?