We recently wrote about why the United States is currently a better place to be than the United Kingdom. But why don’t we have a turn at turning a critical eye towards ourselves in favor of another country? Today, that country shall be Canada. Of course, Canada beats pretty much every other country in several areas. So don’t worry; Americans shouldn’t feel too ashamed to lose out to our Northern friends from time to time!
European vibes
This, of course, isn’t something that Canada can do better than, say, Europe. But if you’re not in Europe then Canada is the next best thing! I’m referring, of course, to Quebec, the French-speaking part of Canada. More specifically, I’m talking about the city of Montréal. It’s one of the most beloved cities in the country, and it has amazing European restaurants and culture hubs. The history of English-speaking and French-speaking Canadians hasn’t always been pretty. But everyone can agree that Montréal is a national treasure with strong European vibes. And all within a few hours of Toronto!

Canada has amazingly low crime rates. Their rates of assault are some of the lowest in the world, recorded in 2014 as 1.31% of all Canadian citizens. Less than 70% of Americans claim to feel safe when they’re walking outside at night. In Canada, that figure is close to 80%. There’s simply not as pernicious a crime culture in Canada. That isn’t to claim that it’s a 100% safe utopia, of course. But this kind of thing goes a long way!
Ease of access
A lot of countries are known for incredible complex and, occasionally, very pricey means of entry. If someone wants to visit some countries, they have to jump through so many hoops and pay for quite a few passes. Let’s face it – while it’s understandable to a degree, America is guilty of this sort of thing. It can just seem like a headache, and may even put people off coming at all. Obtaining a visa for Canada is a much simpler process. There are also several ways to go about it, so you can find something that will fit your circumstances.
You know how we often characterize Canada as a really clean, well-educated, and incredibly friendly place? Well, that’s pretty much how the rest of the world sees the country. And they’re not exactly wrong to think any of that stuff, either. But you may not know just how good Canada’s reputation is. Fact: according to the Reputation Institute, Canada has the best reputation of any country in the world. That is a massive boon to the tourism in the country!
You think the USA is the home of the donut? Get out of here. Canada has more donut shops per capita than anywhere else in the world. This probably has something to do with the fact that there are so many Tim Hortons in Canada. Seriously, next time you’re in a Tim Hortons, have a look around outside. Chances are you can probably see another Tim Hortons from where you’re standing. So Canada not only has the best donuts – it also has way more of them than the rest of us.